There are so many wonderful things about being a photographer.   I have always felt honored to step into a families life and beautifully record their feelings for each other with out using any words.  It amazes me how a photograph can evoke feelings, memories and provide a front row seat for generations to come.  There is a wonderful satisfaction in making someone feel beautiful, and it is what I strive for with every shot I take.

Focusing on a photojournalistic style,  I specialize in candid, authentic wedding imagery.  It is important to me that the photographer disappear into the background and simply witness instead of orchestrate such an important time in your life.  In doing this, I can capture the true essence of the individual, the integrity of the moment, and the emotion we never want to forget.  I use primarily natural light for my photography, and take a non-intrusive approach so you and your family are comfortable to be yourselves in front of my lens.  Group portrait time is kept breif as to not disturb the natural flow of the day.

Since highschool I always had a camera in my hand and known it was my purpose in life.  I love creating art and I feel photography is the most beautiful form.  Coming from a family that holds great importance in preserving our history, I have been gifted with beautiful imagery from all the way back to the 20's.  It is important for me to extend that same gift and creatively document all your most cherished moments. 

I began working with brides in the late 90's and became instantly hooked.  There is something about the beauty, excitement and joy the day carries that makes my job so enjoyable.   When our first daughter was born, a new emotion began to emerge when watching from the balcony.  I understand fully the mother-of-the-bride tears and hold onto every moment with our girls Reagan and Scarlett, for we will be walking them down the isle one day too.  The father-daughter dance always gets me too~  We realize the importance of this day for you, and hold very sacred this beautiful ceremony you are about to endeavor.

The most powerful images are those that represent life and tell our stories.  Often these images are so powerful that they go much deeper than the obvious and reach into our hearts and souls.  They make us laugh, they make us cry.  I beleive that everyone has a story to tell, and I would love to capture yours as you tell it...

I look forward to hearing from you!


 *Member of Professional Photographers of America since 2010